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Turnitin is a way for students to electronically submit their work. At Loughborough College you can access your Turnitin submission link through Learnzone. By accessing Turnitin through Learnzone it is easy for students and staff to find the right Turnitin submission and easily submit work to it, using an interface that is familiar.

Turnitin allows tutors to read, assess and give feedback on students’ work electronically. Turnitin has a feature called “Originality checker” which will help your tutor to identify if a submission has been correctly and completely referenced and will help to highlight if the work, or aspects of the work, have been plagiarised. It allows tutors to easily see where aspects of a submission appear elsewhere. Turnitin checks a student’s submissions against online websites, journals, articles and books. When your work is similar, or the same as, another source it is flagged up as a percentage of the submission.

There is no right or wrong percentage of referenced material that each submission should contain, the tutor will use the percentage figure to help them to make a decision about how accurate the references are and whether there is any accidental plagiarism within the submission.

When a submission is uploaded to Turnitin the student will automatically receive a receipt for the submission to their student email (college email account). This will act as proof of submission should it be needed and allow the student to be confident that their submission has successfully been uploaded to Turnitin.

When a tutor marks a submission through Turnitin the student will receive clear and easy to read feedback.

Your tutors will give you clear advice on where within Learnzone you need to access the Turnitin link to submit your work for each subject. If in doubt, ask your tutor/learning coach/academic tutor for advice.