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Job Application Forms

A job application form gives you an opportunity to outline your education history and work experience. This includes voluntary work, previous jobs and your current employment. An application form is also a good opportunity to highlight your skills, qualities and experiences relevant to the job you’re applying for.

When will you need to fill in the application form?

Many job application forms have multiple sections to fill out and it can take some time to complete. Don’t leave it too close to the deadline given, give yourself enough time to complete it well and don’t rush.

What do they involve?

  1. Personal details – make sure you follow any instructions given and make sure you include all of the relevant information such as your name, email address and telephone number.
  2. Education – You will need to include all of your relevant qualifications from secondary school (including grades) up to degree level and beyond. Make sure you know the minimum educational requirements outlined for the job.
  3. Employment history – You will need to include your complete employment history, starting with your current or most recent employment working backwards (reverse chronological order). Remember to include in this section internships, voluntary or unpaid jobs, even holiday.
  4. Person specification/support information – In this section you want to pay close attention to the job description and person specification connected to the available position. This section is your chance to show how your skills, knowledge and experiences make you suited to the job. It is important to evidence your points with practical examples, showing how you have demonstrated the desired or essential skills. Try not stick to the point and avoid waffling. If you do not match all of the criteria of the person specification, always state willingness to learn new skills and take part in relevant training. Be truthful as the employer will collect references, ask for evidence and my ask you further questions about information you have provided at the interview stage.
  5. Hobbies/Interests – Include personal interest and hobbies that may be relevant to the job you’re applying for. This section gives the employer more insight in to who you are.
  6. References – You will need to give two references with one being your current or most recent employer. Make sure you have asked permission from your references and give the correct contact details.

Application form top tips

Do your research – Before filling out the form, research the company who are hiring. Demonstrating this knowledge in your application form will show the employer that you have used your initiative and really want the job.

Proof read – You want to give the employer the best impression of you. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can look unprofessional.

Follow instructions – Read the whole form before starting to complete it. If it says to fill it in with a certain colour pen or to only fill out certain sections make sure you do so. Not following instructions can show a lack of attention to detail to an employer.