Learning in Your Library Leads to Success

Our Facilities

Our college library is a place to study for all students

The main library has a range of study tables, some computers for quick use, laptops and a printer. The library books and materials are zoned by curriculum areas and are all available here.

Please ask a member of staff who will be very happy to help you find any book, or to use a computer or other equipment.

Group Study Room

A group study room is available for students to book to use for preparing presentations and other group work. It can be booked for a maximum of 1 hour and 2 hours notice is required. Please contact the library staff if you would like to book a group study session. This room also has 6 bookable computers and is sometimes used for Study Skills workshops to help students gain the skills they need to find information, plan and write assignments, and understand how to become successful independent learners.

Quiet Study Room

Some students like to work in a quiet space and we provide a room for those who prefer this. The room has 5 bookable computers as well as study tables.

Higher Education Study Room

HE Students have their own study room on the second floor of the library. This room has 14 bookable computers, some group study tables and spaces for students to plug in their own laptops and devices. We recognise that HE students need to work hard to complete their programmes, and we want to make sure that their study environment is quiet and peaceful.

Please help us to keep a library where you and other students can learn and study.

Remember that the library is a place to study. Make sure that you are not disturbing other people by talking loudly. Please put your mobile phone on silent.

Litter is unpleasant, so respect your library and other people by clearing away your rubbish. Recycle your waste where possible, using the bins provided.

Study and computer space is in very high demand so if you are leaving for an extended break, please take your belongings with you so that someone else can use the study space.

Treat fellow library users and library staff with courtesy, respect and consideration at all times.

We’d rather not have to, but if we feel you are not behaving in a considerate way, we may ask you to leave the library and you may also be subject to the college disciplinary procedure.